We have been there


We aren’t armchair experts. We’ve tackled addiction, illness, disordered eating and loss within our own lives. We know life can be hard. The collective life experience of our team and our clients has been the real world training grounds for Realise. This program is founded on the wisdom that only comes from leading hundreds of retreats, with thousands of guests, each having their own unique needs.

Our wellness experts

Damian Chaparro

A veteran in the health and wellness arena, Damian is the creator of Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, and the mind behind Realise. He teaches the art of living exceptionally.

Megan May

The founder of Little Bird Organics, and its Unbakery cafes and author of multiple cookbooks. She is passionate about sharing with others just how delicious plant-based wholefoods can be and how easy it is to create meals from them. Megan believes we don’t need to be raw vegan to get the benefits of a raw food diet, but we can experience good health and vitality by eating healthy and mindfully.

Nikki Ralston

Nikki is a natural teacher that has been working with the human body for over 25 years through yoga and hands-on body work. Creator of the Ralston Method, she combines evidence-based mind-body practices with ancient wisdom. Her passion and drive are instantly infectious, creating a transformative experience, empowering you to nurture your body, soul and mind.

Lauren Roxburgh

Lauren is an internationally renowned author, wellness educator, leader and inspirational speaker - dubbed "The Body Whisperer." and a regular contributor to Goop, Women's Health Mag and MindBodyGreen. Her method sculpts the body's soft tissues, slimming and streamlining your body, with grace, power and balanced strength. Enjoy daily sessions with her on the 3-day retreat. 

Laura Mohi

Laura is a Pilates instructor and nature lover from New Zealand. With over ten years of industry experience, she combines her background as a personal trainer and high-level Pilates instructor to bring you her signature Wild Pilates classes to Realise. Laura is passionate about inspiring others to experience the benefits of Pilates and prioritise themselves.

Fraser Beck

Fraser discovered corrective breathing and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. He is now a holistic health practitioner who focuses on the Maori concept of Hauora, which defines four dimensions of health and wellbeing: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Anna Chaparro

Co-founder of Realise, Anna is passionate about creating life-shifting experiences. Her somatic-psycho-spiritual approach to rediscovering wholeness comes to the surface as she guides your meditation and journalling sessions.

Chris Wille

Chris is a wellness enthusiast and currently the senior retreat leader at Aro Hā. His teachings are accessible, and he strongly believes that life is a playful experience with countless opportunities to grow and evolve with each other. Enjoy daily evening Yoga Nidra sessions with him on the 3-day retreat. 



“The cracks are where the light gets in, and our hardships provide a perfect invitation to grow together.” 

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